Victor Talha

Awesome, amazing, and real! Now this, I tell You is real medicine that raises Your level of healthcare and wellness!  

Paul Mcleod

I have seizures and Parkinsons. I saw Dr. Jenny on NBC in Oregon and called to do her bio/testing for deficiency. My seizures and tremors are gone. I take an injection of glutathion before bed and her cbd 20mg capsules every morning and her CBD cream and CBD RDT 40mg as needed. Life changing. Feel so grateful. And have a quality of life again.

Katrina Breen

In addition to offering great product they also offer consultations. My teenage daughter had one and benefitted greatly from hers. She now has a nutrition plan to follow to address some health concerns. So much better than "mom" telling her to not eat sugar etc. she really heard what Jacklin had to offer her!

Alyssa Winchester

The place to enjoy your health and amazing customer service. Jaqi is fantastic!

Joshua Stark Wallace

I love AgeVitals sense of service, education, and quality products. Very informative staff, with great resources to analyze health profile. Amazing selection of responsibly sourced bio-available nutrients to supplement any diet. Highly recommend a visit!

Bobban Subhadra

An amazing one-stop health-enhancing place where you can get your medications to true healthy supplements to healthy life-style advice....Highly recommend to you to check it out..    

Tracey A. Stark

They spend all the time you need with you. Very honest and extremely compassionate. I would recommend Agevital to everyone who is not happy with their health

Eric Seace

Really awesome people and store! Jenny and Mike have helped me feel as good at 49 as I did at 30! Opened my eyes to the toxic environment we live in. Learned a lot lessons I will use for the rest of my life!  

Laren Nielsen, Miss Florida

They are so caring and knowledgeable at Age Vital. I learned about how to actually take care of my body. Especially all the good things that I need to be putting into it. Their approach is different than most and that's why it works! All about the VITALITY.  

Leva Berke

I have been an Age Vital customer for a while now and I've never felt better. Any issues that come up due to lack of proper nutrition or environmental - the staff at age vital are able to help me balance it all out. I've been able to get my hormones in check and actually fix some other issues and avoid surgery. I am forever thankful for age vital and especially Dr. Jenny.

Rick Nickerson

Beautiful facility with people who truly care about and will help with your health!  

Denise Gongo

I came to visit Agevital 2 years ago started on the HCG 5,000iu's with amazing results!! Did 3 rounds in a course of 7 months I lost 74 pounds. I no longer have to take my blood pressure medication and I am maintaining my weight loss and feel great. I have also used the Sermorelin Forte Plus 9mg and had great results with that,my hair grew in thicker,my skin tone was alot brighter and I am full of energy. I also get a Lipo-Mino shot every week to boost my energy level!!!!!!!!! I have recently tried out the CBD 40mg RDT'S for my Migraines and Anxiety with the first tablet I had tried I had instant results,and am so glad they are available to me for purchasing over the counter. I do believe this is the new way of treatment.

Lynda G

Love love love AgeVital! Great staff! Very knowledgeable and passionate about what they do.

Jaqlyn Tinaro

Their supplements are excellent, since I've been on them I've noticed huge improvements in my health. Their VitalPlus Amino Pro has really helped my concentration, memory and moods. I definitely feel a difference if I don't take it. The staff and pharmacists are very knowledgeable on alternative and holistic therapies. They do a lot of testing on hormones, deficiencies, neurotransmitter imbalances etc and help people get to the route of their health issues. This is excellent in comparison to most facilities trying to mask symptoms by prescribing medications that will not truly address the issue. I looked into the sourcing of their CBD and it truly is fantastic, extremely pure and I can feel a difference instantly. I also take their physiological T3/T4 for my thyroid and since then I've no longer been struggling with constant weight fluctuations, fatigue and thinning hair. For the first time in my life I can run my fingers through my hair without losing several strands at a time. I did not have such luck on conventional thyroid medications like Armour or Synthriod. Eternally grateful to the owners and staff.


Dillon Auxier

I went in to AgeVital on the recommendation of a friend. The store is absolutely beautiful and they have such an amazing selection of products. I bought the Omega 3 6 9 capsules and I noticed a dramatic improvement with decreased swelling in my knees. I will be going back this month for a full health consultation!

Yvonne Collins

I was very impressed by the staff and level of knowledge, compassion and advanced solutions for wellness they provided. They took the time to answer my questions. I have Thyroid issues and feel sluggish in the middle of the day. Their products have helped so much - I am already seeing results within just a few weeks. Dr. Jenny is amazing and she really cares about people, community, wellness and health. I strongly recommend AgeVital Pharmacy for anything from Weight Loss, Menopause, ADHD, Pain Management. Their facility is very impressive!

Reina Linn

I've taken a visit to AgeVital various times and I must say, the staff is incredible, the facility is beautiful. During my first, I was a bit hesitate, most natural wellness center do not sound knowledgeable, they rather just push products. . They tested my hormones, performed a nutritional panel, checked for vitamin deficiencies. Dr. Jenny and her staff actually stepped in and became my health advocate. I must say that this team truly cares about their clients and strive to perform above and beyond.  


Awesome place! I go get my me weekly vitamin D shot. One of the ladies there told me it helps with tanning! And it did! Turns out I was super deficient. My bones hurt all the time. The injections make me feel better. I feel a difference with their stuff. Nothing is synthetic. All organic. I look forward to my weekly shots. Oh and the CBD Tincture! Wow! Got off of adderral and use that every morning. Super focused.  

Carolyn K.

I eat out ALOT. So naturally there has been some health issues. Being pregnant on top of it all didn't help my situation. I came here and got a free 10 min consult and was able to get some vitamins and digestive enzymes to help my body break down food easier. Mike and Jenny ( the owners) are very knowledgeable about real health. I am doing much better thanks to them and will be updating on my progress. They are a compounding pharmacy and also can help with a variety of health problems.  My hormonal imbalance was another problem they were able to help me with. I had to let people know about this little treasure tucked in St Armonds circle.  

Dennis A.

Worked with Age Vital on a plan to improve overall health, starting with reducing fatigue.  After taking their advice on a number of OTC supplements in addition to glutathione injections, I feel 10+ years younger!

Scott Poole

I'm 45 this year. I diet, I exercise, I am serious about my health. I wouldn't be able to keep my body in the balance ...it is in without AgeVital. If you are over 40, or if you suspect you may suffer from a naturally occurring hormone imbalance you owe it to yourself to visit AgeVital and get an assessment. Growing old is an option, not a foregone conclusion, Tampa, Fl.